Jack, who has served the FA for nearly 25 years and the club for 54 years, has been honoured for services to football — and Blake says the Nyewood Lane stalwart couldn’t be more deserving of the honour.

Currently vice-chairman of the FA and an FA Council member, Jack got the news last week and was understandably delighted to receive such a prestigious accolade.

And Blake, who is poised to take his first pre-season training sessions with his squad later this week, said: “If ever an honour such as this was so entirely fitting then an MBE for Jack is definitely it. He has been fighting the cause of football — and non-league football in particular — for many years and for many people and he is always willing to lend and ear and help those in the game as and when he can. You read of lots of awards and — with no disrespect meant — some of the make you think. But this one for Jack is absolutely spot on to my mind.

“I can honestly say having spent many years if the professional game and having played at the highest level, I have learned more from Jack Pearce than anyone in the game. That tells you exactly what kind of man he is and the vast experience he has and he is so generous with his time in sharing that knowledge and experience. That sets him apart.

“Football is lucky to have him and as a club, here at Bognor Regis Town we know just how lucky we are to have him, too, that’s for sure. Congratulations, Jack!”