Here, he explains why the extra funding is so helpful as Robbie Blake’s men steer a path through the Isthmian premier division campaign.

“Delia Smith once hollered on a cold night at Carrow Road for her beloved Norwich City – “We need a 12th man here”.


From that moment an icon was born – but there was some credence in this, and many clubs speak of their own 12th man. The intimidating atmosphere at big grounds, the fans behind the goal chanting and singing, a club mascot who is symbolic at that club have all been called a 12th man.


The Rocks’ 12th man fund in name is in its infancy but examples of the process have been around for many years. I recall a meeting at the church in Victoria Drive many years ago with fellow fans talking about our precarious financial position then and hundreds of fans committing to fund the wages of Bognor icon Duncan Jupp. The shoots of a 12th man fund started that evening.


In recent seasons The Rocks have been able to sign players beyond their possible remit due to our current 12th Man Fund. The process is that fans donate an amount of money each week, month or year to the supporters club, which is ringfenced for the purpose of supporting the club in terms of player recruitment.


Over the past two seasons around £11,000 has been donated to the club to assist in bringing players to the club or assisting in contract renewals. The 12th Man Fund has made a small contribution to some of the huge successes we see today. The fund has assisted in the likes of Dan Smith, Ben Anderson, Dan Gifford, Craig Robson, Ryan Hall donning the green and white.


Fans are welcome to see us in the Rocks Megastore on match days to talk about the feasibility of joining or email for more information. Alternatively, a 12th Man Fund collection point has now been established in the Rocks Megastore for those who wish not to commit on a regular basis.


This is your club, and we are delighted to know that your invaluable financial input is helping the Rocks produce on the pitch. Thanks!”