The rappers were on hand to film a documentary focusing on the community spirit within non-league football and spent the day interviewing volunteers, staff and fans for their upcoming YouTube film.

From interacting with the Aldingbourne Trust — a local charity who partnered with the club for the day — to chatting with manager Robbie Blake, they then hoped for a win to cap off the day and substitute Tommy-Lee Higgs provided just that in the 87th minute with the only strike of the game. After what was a nail-biting first half for both the visitors and the home side, Higgs provided a touch of class needed to continue Bognor’s five game unbeaten run.

The rappers certainly had a busy day meeting all of the familiar faces around the club. They headed to the changing rooms to meet players and managements before kick-off as well as having a chat to stalwart Len Killpartrick in the boardroom. The pair’s energetic and buoyant personalities really livened up the place and made it a fun day out for all who got the opportunity to speak with them.

After the match, the two were swarmed with ecstatic Bognor fans trying to get on camera while the filmmakers were putting an end to their video. Then they got pies from the Rocks canteen and, surrounded by singing and dancing supporters, filmed the end of their video.

For the uninitiated, Guvna B and Barney Artist are two rappers originally from South London. While Guvna still resides in London, Barney relocated and now lives in Switzerland with his family. The pair are well known for not only their music but also their YouTube platforms where they have appeared frequently on the YouTube channel “Korean Englishmen”, racking up millions of views per video.

General manager Simon Cook said he looked forward to seeing the documentary. He added: “It was a pleasure to welcome the guys to the ground and we thoroughly enjoyed hosting them. We were delighted they chose the club to focus on our sense of community, which is very important to us.”

Pic: Lyn & Trev