Blake’s charges have been put through their paces under the watchful eye of Blake, Jamie Howell and David Birmingham — along with new physio Leah Ilsley — at East Dean FC. But to engender some spirit in the camp, the players ended their session last Monday by taking the plunge for what, we are told, was a splashing time!

“It was a bit of fun and helped with some team bonding,” explained the Nye Camp gaffer. “The players have been working incredibly hard at East Dean FC. Their application and attitude has been second to none and just what we hoped for an expected to be honest. So we changed it up a bit with some gill running — and jumping in the sea after some hard work seemed like good idea!

“The camaraderie is good at the minute and we thought this will be a bit different and the players seemed to be refreshed after their dip.” We note that the manager didn’t dive in for a swim, citing the fact that he forgot his trunks!

*Thanks to kit manager West Hallett for the sea pics. Enquiries are still under way as to whether or not Wes elected to take the plunge, although we suspect that he would have stayed on dry land.