Rocks fans will by now have seen the new scoreboard at the MKM Arena. It was put in place towards the end of last season having been purchased some months before. A problem existed with the support mounting which took longer to remedy than at first thought. It now stands proudly within the ground, and I’m pleased to say it seems to be working well. Liam Goodley and Russ Chandler have spent a few hours learning how to use it and I think the results of this were displayed during the Portsmouth and Dorking Wanderers friendly matches.

The purchase of the whole system and its support was funded by the Rocks Executive Club. This, on top of funding towards the new stand, is what the Executive Club is all about. I administer the club and I’m proud of the support that you, the supporters, have given this scheme over a good number of years. All funds raised by the scheme are ploughed back into the club. Over the years, monies have been used from the club to improve facilities at the ground and I believe that you, the members, should give yourselves a big pat on the back because without your support I don’t think these improvements would have happened, probably not as quickly, perhaps.

The scheme is open to all supporters wherever they live in the country. It costs £10 per month (by mandate). There are four prizes in each monthly draw that continue throughout each year. There are 2 x £1000 first prize prizes per year, 2 x £500 first prizes per year and 8 x £200 first prizes per year. Every month the second prize is £100 with a second and third prize monthly of £50 and £25. I fully understand that financial constraints are tight at this time, but if you would like to join the Executive Club with the knowledge that your money will further assist in Ground Improvements please contact me, Peter Helsby – email: or by phone on 07954409064.

Thank you to all existing supporters of this scheme. Your loyalty is extremely important and as you are aware your monthly payments go towards improving facilities for our loyal fans

Peter Helsby, Administrator, Rocks Executive Club